Quiet Lines Design Ceramics In Process

I’m Shirlee Fisher, a self-proclaimed “renaissance (wo)man” and lover of all things creative. At certain times, my many creative interests and endeavors have caused me to wander to and fro from many different artistic mediums. However, this curiosity in just about everything is what birthed Quiet Lines Design.

Quiet Lines Design is designed to be viewed through the lens of a holistic collection.
Each piece partners with the one beside it, building a unique and purposeful aesthetic.

Everything you will encounter in my shop from my small batch ceramics to greeting cards hold a piece of my heart. My passion is to ignite a love for handmade items and provide education through workshops in the various mediums I have dabbled in.

Aside from creating, my husband and I practice living simply in a fifth wheel trailer that we remodeled in Redlands, California. Our desire has been to give ourselves more time to value our community, relationships, and our many hobbies. Documenting these many interests and moments on my instagram, motivate me to continue to live this lifestyle and perhaps give some inspiration to you as well.