QUIET LINES DESIGN is a collection of illustrated paper goods for lovers of sincere design. With a focus on narrative and words, Quiet Lines Design's illustrations have a depth of meaning to inspire and uplift and is often cherished by lovers of poetry, design, and nature.

All cards are designed and packaged by Shirlee Fisher in Redlands, California.


Much of my childhood is marked with experiences with art and creativity. From drawing portraits of my classmates in elementary school to trying to sell carved tree bark in my front yard, my life has always been full of creative outlets.

In 2015, I was encouraged to participate in a local art show to sell my artwork. I had no idea that doing one show would ignite a passion to build a larger collection of work to sell online and other shows. In 2019, a collection of stationery started to take form and I started to sell my work online. Most of my illustrations tend to have a depth of meaning and a narrative woven within them. The heart behind my work is that it would be a gateway to say the necessary things that often aren't said enough. I am often inspired by nature, deep conversations, and writings in my journal. 

Aside from being a creator, I am a mother and a learner. I feel as though I am constantly absorbing new information about running a business and refining my art. I hope my deep attention to detail and quality is experienced in my line of work, and that it connects you to those who are dearest to you. 

-Shirlee Fisher