QUIET LINES DESIGN is a collection of illustrated paper goods for lovers of sincere design. With a focus on narrative and words, Quiet Lines Design's illustrations have a depth of meaning to inspire and uplift. 

All cards are designed and packaged by Shirlee Fisher in Redlands, California. 


I feel so fortunate that much of my childhood is marked with artistic and creative experiences. I remember watching the sheer joy as I presented classmates with hand drawn portraits and thinking - this is what I was made for! Throughout my life I have learned there are so many creative outlets available...I just need to be willing to try, fail, get back up and create again.

In 2015 something wonderful happened. I participated in a local art show with like-minded artisans. I had no idea that doing one show would ignite a passion to build a larger collection of work to share with the world.

Most of my illustrations tend to have a depth of meaning and a narrative woven within them. I am inspired by a simple color palette and delicate line work. 

Aside from creating and teaching art, my husband and I practice living simply with our beautiful daughter in a little under 400 square feet. Our desire has been to give ourselves more time to experience our beloved city of Redlands, relationships, and our many hobbies.

-Shirlee Fisher